2020-06-06 16:48

Cookies with walnuts and jam recipe

If you are invited to a snack or a birthday party and you don’t want to arrive empty handed, or if you simply want to have a detail with your family, friends or co-workers, making homemade cookies is always a good option.

We bring you an easy recipe made with cookies, nuts and jams today. Take good note of the ingredients and follow these simple steps, you will surely surprise them all.


½ cup of sugar

2 cups of flour

2 eggs

1 ½ to 2 cups of finely chopped walnut

Jumel jam of your choice

200g of butter at room temperature


1-Preheat the oven.

2- Separate the whites and the yolks from the eggs.

3- Mix the butter and sugar, add the flour and yolks and beat at full speed for 1 minute. If the dough is not consistent enough, you can add a splash of milk.

4- Round about 20 balls with the dough and place them on a smooth and clean surface.

5- Grease and flour 2 baking sheets and reserve them.

6- Empty the walnuts and chop them finely and reserve them. You will also find chopped walnuts in supermarkets if you want to skip this step.

7- Adapt each ball shape into a cookie one by crushing them and leaving the thumb mark in the middle.

Dip the cookie in the egg white and then roll them in the walnut as if they are battered.

8- Place the cookies on the pan.

9- Once finished with the previous point, add some Jumel jam, with or without sugar, whatever you like the most, in the middle of each cookie.

10- Bake between 20-25 minutes at 200ºC, ensuring that walnuts are not burned.

11- Let It cool down.

Bon appétite!

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