2020-06-06 16:49

Jumel jams now in one click

2019 has been a special year for Jumel, as we have celebrated our 40th anniversary. 40 years dedicated to quality and innovation. A date we could not miss. To celebrate the start of this special year, we wanted to surprise you with the introduction of our new collection of Extra jams without added sugar or fructose, with which we also launched our new online sales service.

With 4 flavours to choose from: strawberry, peach, red fruits and tropical, the new Extra Jumel jam with Stevia does not contain added sugars or fructose, making it an even healthier food.

Gluten-free, the Jumel Extra jam also stands out for its fibre high content and low presence of salt. All this, without losing the nutritional values of our jams, made with 50% top quality fruits, specifically selected for their beneficial properties. A totally healthy product to sweeten your breakfasts, snacks or add a touch of flavour to any of your culinary dishes, while still taking care of yourself.

Only for sale online.

With this new collection of Jumel jams we launch our new online shop/store with which we want to be closer to you. We offer you the possibility of buying our jam from anywhere and w will send it home in a few days.

You will find them on Amazon.

The launch of the new 0% added sugars Extra Jumel jam and the launch of the online sales service is another example of Jumel’s effort to bet on innovation and new technologies.

Thank you very much for joining us on this new adventure.

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