2020-06-06 16:48

Tips to eat properly

Eating properly is one of the best ways to maintain a strong health. Proper nutrition can prevent us from getting ill. On the International Nutrition Day, we want to leave you some tips to achieve a healthy and balanced diet

-Eat good fats: whenever possible, reduce saturated fats, by the so-called good or unsaturated fats. Foods like blue fish, olive oil, flax, avocado, nuts or seeds are good sources to find them.

-Consume enough protein: the recommended amount is 0.8g/Kg although it will depend on age and level of physical activity we have. We find them in meats, dairy products, fish, eggs and vegetables.

-Carbohydrates: they are our main source of energy and nutrients. To get enough of it in the healthiest way, it is recommended to consume at least 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables.

-Have a varied diet: eating a wide variety of food every day ensures that we consume the amount of nutrients that our body needs.

-Eat products with low sugar content: as is the case with Jumel jams, both in the 0% range without added sugars and in the extra range with low sugar content.

Besides taking care of what kind of food we consume, it is important to assume some consumption habits:

-Cook at home: you will know exactly what you eat and you can plan your dishes and portions so that your diet is as balanced as possible.

-Drink water regularly: Besides improving your health, it will help you lose weight.

-Chew well: you will be satisfied earlier and help improve your digestion.

All these tips are not trivial, since incorrect nutrition can affect our immune system, our physical and mental development, increase vulnerability to diseases and reduce productivity.

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