2020-06-26 12:56

Ice cream recipe with jam

The beach season begins, terraces, trips and… ice cream! If you are passionate about this refreshing dessert, with an easy recipe made with jam, you can enjoy homemade ice cream throughout the summer.

Strawberries, red fruits, peaches, apricots, plums, tropical… The flavour depends on everyone taste and choice, although as you already know, with Jumel jams you have a wide variety of flavours to choose from and you also have the option of regular jams or without added sugars. Since most of all your jams are made with 50% fruit, your ice cream will have an intense flavour which you will surprise friends and family. Let’s see the recipe! ››


500g of Jumel jam with the flavour and characteristics that you like the most.

500g of whipping cream

Juice of one lemon


Mix the jam with the lemon juice and reserve. Whip the cream. If it is cold, it will be easier to whip. Mix the whipped cream and jam and stir gently to avoid whipped cram going down and losing air. If you have an ice-cram maker, pour the mixture into the bucket previously frozen, and follow the machine instructions.

In this case, you should prepare the mixture the night before and keep it at low temperature in the fridge.

If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, put the mixture in a mould or hermetic container and put it in the freezer. For the first few hours, beat the mixture with whisk rods every 30 minutes. Thus, we avoid crystals from forming. Then we put plastic film on top, close it and leave it in the freezer until the next day.

It should be ready to serve. You can decorate it with syrups, pieces of fruit or if you have a sweet tooth, add cookies or cones and original toppings.

Easy, right? Well, get to work and enjoy the summer!

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