2020-06-26 12:58

Recipe: Cheescake with Jumel Jam

After these rainy days, you are surely looking forward to celebrating Easter and May Bank Holiday with family and friends. These are days when you go out into the countryside, enjoy outdoor and share a good picnic. Maybe you are looking for a recipe to contribute to those long days of feasts. If this is your case, we offer one of the most classic sweets: the cheesecake. Of course, decorated with some of our tasty jams.


600g Philadelphia cream cheese

400 ml Liquid cream to whip

170g of cookies

250g Jumel jam. In this case, we especially recommend the 0% added sugar Red Fruits or Strawberry or Extra Strawberry jam.

70g of butter

5 tablespoons of sugar

1 glass of water

85g of lemon gelatin or neutral gelatin

Recipe making

Before starting to prepare the cake, keep in mind that it will have to rest for at least one day in the fridge, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

Let’s start with the biscuit base: crush the cookies to practically powder. Melt the butter, using a saucepan or microwave, and mix it with the cookies until you get a uniform dough. Spread it on the bottom of the mould with a spoon or spatula. Idally, a falf-centimetre thick cookie base remains. Put it in the fridge and let it cool.

While it cools, we are going to make the cream cheese. Mix the sugar, liquid cream and cheese in a bowl until well diluted. If it is easier for you, you can use the mixer. Above all, it avoids lumps.

In another container, heat the water until it starts to boil and add gelatin. Stir well and let it cool down a bit, but not quite. Add this mixture (of water and gelatin) to the previous one of cheese, cream and sugar and stir slowly. When you have a uniform dough, add it to the mould in which you have the biscuit base and put it back in the fridge.

Wait 24h for the cake to set and obtain the desired consistency. Decorate it with our jam. Although you have a wide range of flavours to choose from, for this recipe we recommend our Extra Strawberry jam, with or without added sugar, or that of Red Fruits with no added sugars.

Ready to serve and to enjoy! Happy Holidays!

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